How Is Your Business Advertised

Your business would be missing out big time without any advertising on the web. The future of small business advertising and marketing is not the Yellow Pages, but the rapidly growing Internet. Yellow Pages is officially dead. Online spending is already a multi-billion dollar industry and it is getting larger and larger by the day. It is also important to remember that 85% of all Google searches resulting in a purchase, have some kind of Geo-targeted detail in it like a city, zip code, region, etc. This goes to show the potential thats there already and your business can benefit greatly from it.

Your Customers/Clients Are Waiting For You Online

With no presence on the web, your business wont be found where 85% of people are looking for your service or product daily. It doesnt matter what type of business you own, with no promotion from the web, you are dead in the water. Its not as simple as putting up a website and people come flooding through. Its takes a little work, and believe me, the people will come!

Is Your Website Turning Visitors Into Buyers?

Your website was built for a purpose and that is to get visitors to buy. The ugliest websites can still get more clients calling than the most graphically designed ones. Its the concept of “selling” that makes the money and beautiful sites that cant sell, dont make money. That simple.

Small Business Online Advertising Is Geo-targeted Nonstop Traffic

Search for your business online and ask yourself these questions. What is your competition looking like? Are they big names in your industry? If so, you may need to target a different audience or compete with a lower of level competition.

Social Media Advertising And Its Advantages

-Its Free!- The only cost in social media advertising is the time invested in it. It sure beats the hell out of spending hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on printing on newspapers, magazines, etc. Also, the more you get involved with your audience, the more come back and spread the word like wildfire.

-Social Interaction- Its the main reason that its so effective. The human, one-on-one, connection draws feedback, which gives you an awareness of your business. The relationships developed can act as extension of customer service where you can answer questions that customers have.

Best Florists In NYC

This local directory was purposely built for florists located in NYC, New York. It is much like a Yellow Pages where addresses and phone numbers of businesses can be listed, but unlike it because it is free.