A Quick Guide To Expat Shield

While British vacationers and expats are out of the country, they often cannot access exclusive UK web content. Expat Shield creates a virtual private network, or VPN, which then issues a UK IP address to the user. British citizens who are abroad, with their newly-issued UK IP address, may then view restricted websites. Advertisers may also take advantage of this program by marketing to British citizens in other countries.

Expat Shield is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. This free program protects personal information, maintains privacy, and allows the user to access all web content. When a user launches the program, they are immediately given a UK IP address, secured with HTTPS encryption. The IP address is hidden for privacy while the user surfs, which protects the user from identity theft. The IP address also allows the user to access all content privately, bypassing established firewalls.

From Expat Shield, users can view websites and make VoIP calls. Users might set up a personal VPN, but complications and costs are prohibitive. This software sets up the VPN for no cost, with no log-in requirement, and no configuration requirement. From there, users may watch popular UK-restricted programs, like BBC iPlayer.

Since the download is free, Expat Shield depends on advertising revenues. Advertisers who use the program can market to a lucrative audience. Studies show that most expats are younger men, and they make two to three times as much money as they would in the UK. Expats, therefore, have greater freedom to travel, and larger disposable incomes, than other British citizens living at home.

To begin the process, advertisers are given a thorough review of their audience. Advertisers design appropriate marketing, which then receives placement on the program bar while users browse through websites. The marketing environment is less cluttered, because the software purposely displays a low number of advertising units. Therefore, advertisements have a better chance of being viewed by a wealthy demographic.

Expat Shield displays advertising based on users’ browsing context. Ads will be shown in an array of styles and sizes, on the start-up page, as well as on other pages. Advertisers may also request that their marketing be displayed above the page, or above fold, when users browse premium content. Premium pages include search engines and social networking sites.

Advertisers can market products and services in several ways. Advertisers may start by targeting advertisements toward a specific domain, placing their ad above the page. Or, advertisers may market according to day-part patterns, which entails targeting to certain demographics at certain times of the day. In addition, the program may present advertisements based on search engine queries, and may adjust targeting based on web-surfing behaviors and customer demographics.

Expat Shield protects user privacy while allowing users to access unlimited web content. Advertisers may use the program, and its variety of marketing offerings, to target a demographic that typically has an abundance of disposable income. The program is free to download, and is compatible with most current Windows operating systems.