Golf Advertising is Going Local

Its truegolf advertising and club marketing is going local, but perhaps not in the way you imagine. You may be thinking that your golf advertising and club marketing strategies have always been local, or maybe youve taken your club marketing campaign online, but arent getting the local hits youd like. Thats why your golf advertising strategies need a makeover, and that makeover should consist of local SEO club marketing.

You may be wondering what local SEO is and what it can do for your golf advertising campaign. Well, for starters, like all SEO, or search engine optimization strategies, the goal of local SEO is to drive more traffic to your golf course or private clubs web site, but with local SEO, you wont be getting just any kind of web traffic; youll be getting the kind of traffic that is most likely to turn into increased golfers and membership and for your course or club. That is, local SEO can enhance your club marketing campaign by attracting web visitors who live near your golf course and are therefore, much more likely to become a member of your course or club.

Local SEO will maximize your golf advertising efforts by connecting by ranking you on page 1 of Google places and other local directories like Bing and Yahoo. That way, when members of your community go online to find a gold course or private club near their home, theyll find your site quickly and easily. On the other hand, you can rest assured that your competitors are using local SEO for their club marketing campaigns, so if local web users dont find you on the web, theyll find your competitors instead. Dont let this happen to you; hop on the local SEO bandwagon today.

A good golf advertising campaign which harnesses the power of local SEO can prevent this from happening and make sure that your course or clubs web site appears at the top of search engine results pages when web users search keywords relevant to your site and location to search for golf courses and clubs nearby.

Another great advantage of local SEO is that its much less expensive than Pay-Per-Click advertising. With all the money youll save, you may be able to afford the services of a local SEO expert to make your golf advertising and club marketing efforts even more effective. For example, Increase Club Profits has a local search engine club marketing service designed to enhance your online golf advertising campaign and save you lots of time and effort in the process. That way, youll have more time to devote to making your golf course or private club a place where potential members will enjoy being. After all, thats what you do best, so why not leave the local SEO marketing to the professionals? Club marketing is what they do best!

Dont miss this opportunity to make your local club marketing strategies even more successful and profitable.

Finding A Micro Niche For Adsense – Avoid High Paying Keywords

AdSense is probably the most popular pay per click (PPC) program for publishers. Google, the company behind AdSense, always displays relevant ads regardless of the content on the page. This is very important because irrelevant ads will attract fewer visitors. The cost per click (CPC) depends on the market niche. It can be only one cent but you can also get few dollars for a single click. Since the average cost for each keyword or search phrase is publicly known, many internet marketers are trying to optimize their websites for those high paying keywords. Many such attempts fail and they blame Google for it. The truth is that the failure could be predicted. If you want to succeed in internet marketing including AdSense you should understand that you need traffic.

Traffic means visitors coming to your site. When they visit your site they will search for interesting content. If they will find AdSense ads interesting they will click on them and you will be paid for it. The best and the cheapest source of visitors is traffic from web search engines, especially Google. To get search engine traffic your website needs to be present on the first page of search results. The top position gets approximately 42% of clicks. For lower positions this number is significantly reduced. Therefore, you should target keywords that have high search volume and low competition. The so called “high paying keywords” have huge competition and you will never get high ranking and consequently required traffic.

The second reason to avoid targeting keywords with high CPC is the source of AdSense ads. Those ads do not come automatically–there are some AdWords advertisers that manage advertising campaigns. AdWords advertisers can choose where their ads will appear. The first choice is search result pages. Whenever somebody searches for target keywords their ads will be displayed next to search results. This is high quality traffic because those who search for specific keyword are actually looking for something. The second option for AdWords advertisers is user content or web pages with AdSense ads. The truth is that very few advertisers in highly competitive markets, where each click costs 10$ or more, use this option. Even if they do choose advertising on content pages, they carefully select websites where their ads will be displayed. The reason is simple. If you pay a lot for advertising you make sure this investment will return. Of course, this doesn’t mean that no high cost per click ads appear on websites as AdSense, it only means that there are less chances to get those ads with high CPC.

Web Banner Advertising Vs Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising is a simple marketing method where a few words/sentences are used to promote a product/service. The advertiser will be permitted to display 2-3 lines of text in addition to the URL in the advertisement. E.g. the first line (20-25 characters) normally displays the title of the ad followed by 2-3 lines (30-35 characters per line) describing the product. It is also known as pay per click (PPC) advertising.

Note: This type of publicity generally results in less volume of sales because there is a restriction on the words being used to promote the product. Therefore, one needs to be very careful with content creation while using this form of advertising.

Web banners enable advertisers to use rich media content like logo, animation, and corporate colors while endorsing their product. The concept is similar to offline advertising except for the fact that creative content makes it more lively and fascinating.

2.PPC (Pay Per Click) in Search Engine Advertising is similar to CPC (Cost Per Click) in Web Banner Advertising where promoters get billed for the service only when a visitor clicks on the ad. Nonetheless, research has shown that internet banner advertising is a cheaper alternative for promoting products and services because CPC campaigns fare better compared to PPC marketing promotions.

3.Unlike text ads, web banners come in a wide range (eight) of shapes and sizes. Usually there are no constraints on the number of characters or words used in the advertisement. The most common banner sizes used in advertising campaigns have been included below for your reference.

Banners (46860 pixels)
Rectangles (300250 pixels)
Skyscrapers (120600 pixels)
Leaderboards (72890 pixels)


Internet banner advertising provides a more flexible solution in terms of measuring brand awareness and providing a better return on investment.

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Why Flyers And Brochures Are Effective Ways To Advertise

Walk down a suburban street in any developed industrialized nation and one thing will be remarkably constant: The letterboxes will be full, often overflowing. And they won’t just contain addressed, posted mail. The bulk of the material will often be brochures and flyers advertising businesses and services, many of them local.

Certainly, many people find this fact of modern life extremely annoying. Sometimes more than half the houses in a street will have signs angrily demanding that there be no junk mail!.

But this phenomenon proves something: Those flyers and brochures must be working! Otherwise businesses wouldn’t be paying to have them produced and distributed.

Without a doubt flyers and brochures have distinct advantages over other methods of advertising: Here are a few:

1) They are comparatively cheap to produce flyers particularly so. Certainly, glossy multi-page brochures can be very costly, but basic one page black and white flyers are very inexpensive and can still work well. As long as they are clear and large enough to catch the resident’s eye, they can get your product or service noticed.

2) You can target the geographic areas that you want. Ultimately all business is local business. But some businesses are more local than others! Businesses that cater to a geographically specific market tend to get a very good response from flyers and brochures.

An example would be a pub or bar wanting to promote a one-off or regular theme night. Placing several thousand flyers in letterboxes around the venue would be a great way of telling people about this event. People do tend to be more likely to go to something that is close to where they live, after all.

3) Just as you can target runs geographically, you can also target them demographically. Say a pool table company is using brochures to get leads. There would be little point in targeting units, since they generally wouldn’t be large enough to contain the product. And pool tables are not cheap! So, the best results would come from a large run through middle to high income suburbs — houses only.

Of course it can be difficult finding distributors who can do a drop in this way. Most of the big distribution companies offer value but on a large scale. You must pay for a large drop, your promotional material is rolled up with several others, and no thought is put into which letterboxes are chosen! However, there are smaller distributors who can thoughtfully target your material. They are just less well known, and harder to find, that’s all.

4) You can put special offers on them. A flyer that says something like, Present this and get a ten percent discount on any item in the store! is a good choice. The incentive itself can increase sales. Secondly, it’s a great way of tracking the campaign, since the number of actual discounts can be recorded accurately.

5) People hang onto them. This is one definite advantage over newspaper advertising. Of course, many more people will see an ad placed in the paper. But to keep your contact details they have to cut the ad out, highlight it, or write it down usually along with a lot of others. A flyer or brochure, however, contains all the details and can be kept indefinitely. Businesses often get leads from flyers or brochures that have been left on the tops of fridges or in desk drawers for months, even years!

Certainly, particular circumstances dictate that flyers and brochures are not always the best advertising method. But the above advantages make them a remarkably reliable, cost effective way of raising awareness and generating leads for most businesses.


Muthurwa-South East Commercial Park-35 acres.


Westlands 4.125 acres Peponi Gardens @ 480 m Negotiable Westlands 2.1 acre Eldama Ravine @ 160m negotiable[prime for redevelopment to town houses] Westlands 3. 1 acre ring road @ 200m . Ideal for development of flats. Riverside drive-0.657 acres @ 110m Muthangari-Kabarsorian Drive 10 bdr. House on 1 acre with swimming pool @ 110m. Westlands Junction of Chiromo Lane/Westlands Road 0.5 acre Westlands 3rd gate from Continental Hotel acre Westlands 1/3rd acre opposite Holiday Inn .Old Bungalow @ 70m. Westlands Rhapta road acre with 8 flats Westlands Rhapta road acres with old house Westlands opposite C.C.K after Kianda School 1 acre @ 110m Lavington 1 acre Ndoto road[coming soon] Lavington Mugumo Drive-5 bedroomed ensuite 1 acre @ 100m Valley arcade 1 acre ideal for flats @ 110m. Kilimani along Kirichwa road 1.6 acres @ 230m Kilimani-Junction of Ndemi road and Muringa road. 2.2.acres @ 350m. Kilimani Along Joseph Kangethe road. 1.6 acres @ 170m.

KAREN Karen 5 Acres. Tree lane. Red soil @ 22m per acre Karen 8 acres next to Banda schol @ 20 m per acre Karen 2.5 acres next to Shade Hotel with 5 bedroomed house @ 90m. Karen Don Bosco 2.5 acres @ 18 m per acre Karen Don Bosco 4 acres @ 18m per acre Ngong town 1/8 acre @ 5.2 m Langata . 23 acres next to Langata Barracks @ 15m per acre

KAREN 25 acres subdivided into 5 No. 5 acre plots @ 22m per acre-Next to Catholic University 10.5 acres @ 15m per acre near Banda School. L.R No. 7793/9 UPPER HILL 1 Acre opposite KASNEB @ 200m

UPPER HILL Upper Hill 2 acres @ 400m opposite Kadhis Court Upper hill next to Taj Apartments Matumbato road acres @ 100m per acre Upper hill next to KASNEB 0.6 ACRES @ 130m Upper Hill next to KASNEB 2.6 acres @ 200m per acre

Ruiru Bypass 49 acres @ 2.2m per acre 47 acres @ 2.2m per acre 50 acres @ 2.2.m per acre Ruiru Town next to NTBS Colloege 10 acres @ 20 m per acre KISERIAN Kiserian Pipeline Ruirie area 2 pieces each of 10 acres@ 900k per acre Kiserian Pipeline 100 acxres Kiserian Pipeline 100 acres @ 1 m per acre MOMBASA ROAD Mombasa road at Athi River turnoff 116 acres @ 7m per acre Syokimau 5 acres @ 30m per acre. 2 km form Mombasa road Kitengela 15 acres 2nd row @ 1.6m per acre[17km from Kitengela town] Embakasi Utawala 12 acres @ 2.8m per acre Syokimau-3 km from Mombasa road. 12 acres @ 5.5 m per acre

EASTLEIGH 1.Pangani 1/4acre old house@32 m 2. Eastleigh section 3 . 1/4acre @ 35m

Various parcels. Price on request.

KITENGELA Various parcels. Price on request.

# Ngong Rd, acre near Adams Arcade,fronting Road- Office Block/Apartments, 120M # Westlands 1.5Acres,Chiromo Rd,Hotel, Office Block – 390M # Msa Rd, 2.5 Acres, behind Tuskys Godown, 45 M # Msa Rd, near KPA, 3 Acres, 18M – # Msa Rd, 10Acres- Touching tarmac, after Mlolongo -Prime for housing Estate- 10M per # Msa Rd, 20Acres-near KPA-Industrial-10M per acre # Syokimau, 5Acres- 2km frm Msa Rd — Highly developed area- 25M.. # Dagoretti Corner-0.5acres /Wanyee Rd, at the end of Riara Rd — 30M # Thika Rd, Clayworks, 1/8th, touching tarmac for flats – 7M # Langata, behind Carnivore – acre-Commercial/Flats – Fronting road – 18M # Langata, 1.5Acres- near NHC- – For Apartments – 35M # Ruaka/Limuru Rd – On tarmac-1/4Acre-Flats-12M

Larger Parcels ranging from 10 – 3000 Acres available in various places like Msa Rd, Thika Rd, Kitengela, Nyandarua, Nanyuki, Kiambu Rd, Ruiru etc. 1 Mombasa road. Near City Cabanas 4 acres @30m per acre 5 acres @ 30m per acre 10 acres @ 30m per acre 20 acres @ 30m per acre 2. Joska near Kamulu[very fertile land] 40 acres 18 km from main road @ 550,000 per acre 20 acres 3 km from main road @ 500,000 per acre 3. School. 1.5KM from Joska,opposite V.O.K. 8 Acres containing borehole and School bus. 14m 4. House on acre land for sale ,Joska @ 3.5m 5. 100 x 100 ft plot for sale near Bypass Embakasi Ranching Company @ 1.2m. 6. 100 x 100 ft plot for sale Embakasi Ranching Cvompany near Bypass @ 1m 7. 11 acres Giathie Farm @ 2.2m per acre 8. Tractor for sale @ 1.5m 9.Joska 40 acres 3 km from main road @ 550,000 per acre 10.House and 100ft x 100ft plot near Dune, Joska @ 1.3m

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