Breaking News Advertising is Dead!

Don’t agree?

Please ask your wife, husband or significant other-in other words, the nearest typical consumer-to answer the following 7 questions:

1.Does viewing pop-up ads on your computer curl your toes in orgasmic delight? Yes or No?
2.Does a mailbox filled with junk mail cause your palms to itch and sweat with nervous anticipation? Yes or No?
3.Do you suffer from outbursts of violent anger when a TV commercial is interrupted by a TV movie? Yes or No?
4.Do you prance around the parking lot with ecstatic abandon whenever you find a flyer on your car’s windshield? Yes or No?
5.Does keeping a phone next to your soup spoon on your dinner table (for fear of missing the next telemarketer’s call) help your digestion? Yes or No?
6.Do you drink pots of black coffee at 10 pm so you can stay awake to watch 30-minute infomercials at 4 am? Yes or No?
7.Do you drool at the thought of spending $300 on an iPhone just so you can see interactive ads on its big, cool screen? Yes or No?

Have I made my point? Yes or No?

Advertising is dead. If you’re a marketer… save your money.

Consumers have been over-advertised to and over-sold.

Unless you’re conducting a white sale, fire sale or going out of business sale-and halving or quartering your prices-advertising won’t get you a bang, a whimper or a nickel for your buck. Not anymore.

The only ads that still earn their keep are those in newspapers and on supermarket windows that read:

Big SALE Buy 1 Can of Campbell Soup for 89 Cents and Get a 2nd Can-FREE! Supplies limited! (or something like that)

Beyond that, the first reaction most consumers have when viewing any other type ad is not to believe anything it says.

And if they have no need, desire or knowledge of you, your product or your service, their second reaction is to play basketball. Their arm and hand muscles reflexively contract, causing them to roll up your ad into a tight little ball and shoot for the nearest basket.

Beware the Consumer’s Anti-Ad Third Eye

Because the consumer has become so desensitized to advertisements in general, if you don’t shove your ad, sales letter or flyer directly and firmly into their hands-they won’t even notice it.

It’s as if they’ve developed an anti-ad third eye that instinctively alerts them to an ad’s presence and then immediately shoot’s a signal to the brain-instructing their other two eyes not to see it.

For example…

How often, when surfing the web, have you run across a web page with a bright red, 40-word, one-sentence headline, ending with an exclamation mark or two or three?

Unless you’re searching for that particular web page, the average information-seeking web-surfer will immediately recognize that site as an ad, and click away-without even reading two words of it.

The same thing happens when reading the newspaper, or driving past a billboard on the highway…consumers simply refuse to look at the ads.

So What’s a Marketer to Do?


Huh? I’ll explain…

The success of the internet has proven one thing above all else. Human beings, which includes consumers, are addicted to information.

Google, the internet version of a library card catalog, exists, thrives, dominates and will eventually own the world, because consumers are in a constant, never-ending search for more and more information.

And why do consumers want ever more information that will convince, compel and persuade them to a certain point of view?

So they can make the most efficient, prudent and intelligent choice about whatever it is they want to own, possess, consume or BUY.

Yes, BUY.

Though consumers hate to be sold; they still love, nevertheless, to BUY.

And their decision to buy is most effectively influenced when they are provided with information that supports, confirms and increases their already resident desire to BUY!

Enter the Advertorial

The advertorial is an ad disguised as an editorial. A cunning wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s roughly 80% useful, compelling and persuasive information and 20% sales pitch.

It will never mention the name of the product, its features or benefits in the headline. Because that would be too obvious-it would scream ad and will immediately activate the consumer’s anti-ad third eye.

Instead, in a newspaper, in a direct mail promotion, or on the internet the advertorial will attract attention and readership by merely dangling the tantalizing promise of free actionable and profitable information… if the reader will only continue to read on.

An advertorial headline won’t scream: LOSE 10LBS OF FAT IN 10 DAYS OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!

Instead, the advertorial headline will read: John Hopkins Research PhD discovers active ingredient in ice cream that causes rapid weight loss.

Then the advertorial will proceed to show and prove, in pseudo-journalistic fashion, the What, Why, Who, Where and When of how the product or service does precisely what the consumer wants and needs.

The advertorial delivers valuable, documented information that relentlessly leads the reader to the inevitable conclusion that the solution to their problem or need is… whatever it is you’re selling.

It doesn’t look, taste or smell like an ad, and the consumer’s anti-ad third eye will never see it coming.

Try it… you’ll like it.

Getting Started With Crowdsourcing

Whether you’re crowdsourcing promotional activity,content or ideas, here’s a quick set of generally applicable guidelines for getting started – sourced for this article in early 2009 from businesses that crowdsource (see below for acknowledgements).

1 Start Small: Recruit internal champions and nurture small crowdsourcing experiments first. Crowdsourcing veteran and Intuit co-founder Scott Cook suggests seeking organisational buy-in only after you’ve had some success. Otherwise, the countercultural jump of
crowdsourcing may be too big for many brands

2 Remember the 90:9:1 Rule: Temper participation level expectations; only up to 1% of any online community ever contributes actively to anything. 9% may deign to vote, rate or comment, whilst the overwhelming 90% only ever consume content.

3 Get the Motivational Mix Right: Participation in crowdsourcing is motivated by a number of factors but they boil down to the 4Fs – Fame, Fortune, Fun and Fulfilment. Good crowdsourcing initiatives should offer participants a mix of all four Fs.

4 Deal with Sturgeon’s Law: A complex law to understand, science fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon’s maxim is that ‘90% of everything is crap’ – and it applies to crowdsourcing contributions. So you’ll need a system in place, like user voting, to filter out the rubbish.

5 Harness Joy’s Law: The counterpoint to Sturgeon’s Law, ‘No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else,’ attributed to Sun Microsystems co-founder Bill Joy. The key to smart crowdsourcing is to identify and coalesce expert talent pools that lie outside your company.

6 KISS: Keep it Simple, Stupid: Crowdsourcing only works when the task is simple for contributors. Lengthy forms, obtuse IT and arduous tasks are crowd dispersers. 1-click participation should be your goal.

7 Community Rules: Community is the social glue of crowdsourcing, so allow contributors to connect with each other, as well as with the sponsoring brand. Where possible, build on existing communities rather than build new communities, and keep the focus on communities
of practice (based on what people do rather than what they think (designers, creatives, coaches etc))

8 Manage the Process: Crowdsourcing initiatives need to be actively managed. Starbucks has a team of 48 specially trained employees who act as discussion hosts, encouraging participation and feeding back on ideas. Jeff Bruzzo who heads up Starbuck’s crowdsourcing initiative says: ‘These are the people at a dinner party who make sure everyone is having a
good time.’

9 Get Legal Involved: Crowdsourcing often involves the transfer of some kind of an intellectual property,which is not a problem in itself, but you’ll need a cast iron ‘terms and conditions’ clause for contributors

10 Promote the Platform: Whether you’re using a crowdsourcing community or contest, you’ll need to enthusiastically attract contributors. Promote your initiative with online banner advertising, Google ads, and email campaigns, and even traditional media advertising and PR


Best Places To Advertise Apartment Rentals Free

You have an apartment to rent but you’re limited when it comes to your advertising budget. Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways you can advertise apartment rentals for absolutely nothing. The first thing to consider is that there are many people out there who need an apartment. These people don’t care where the advertisement comes from. They only care that the place is affordable and it’s clean and presentable. Now you have to get that advertisement out there so someone will see it.

Craigslist is a great way to advertise an apartment. It’s completely free and you have the freedom to say whatever you want. However, when you advertise apartment rentals on craigslist, your ad is almost immediately buried under all the new ads coming in. You can set your ad apart by posting pictures and by reposting every few hours or so. Make sure your ad is different each time or else Craigslist will flag it as spam.

Free Classified Sites

There are plenty of free classified websites available, offering you the opportunity to add your apartment rental listing. You simply write your listing into the forms provided on the site and your apartment is advertised for your chosen areas.

Many free classified sites network with other sites, so your ad could potentially be shown to many more people than you expect.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites, like Facebook or Twitter, can be an excellent way to let people know you have an apartment for rent. You simply link your ad for your apartment rental onto your social networking site and your immediate circle of friends will be able to see it.

The benefit to this approach is that your friends also have circles of their own friends. If they know someone who is looking to rent an apartment, they’ll share your link with their own networks and the word will spread very quickly.

The Side of the Road

There’s nothing wrong with posting a sign on the side of the road, say at an intersection. Include the size of the apartment, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the price. And don’t forget your phone number. You’d be surprised how effective this technique is at advertising apartment rentals. Do this and you’ll likely get several phone calls from interested renters.

Word of Mouth

Don’t forget word of mouth. Let everyone you know you’re trying to advertise apartment rentals. And then have them tell everyone they know. This word of mouth advertising is just as effective as posting an ad in the local newspaper, or maybe even better.

EconomicalL Advertising Tools

Cost efficient Internet marketing has turned out to be extremely significant for online and offline trade equally. Customers nowadays look out for internet services for the purpose of inspecting online for rates of any sort of products they wish to purchase. So, more businessmen are keen to examine the cost configuration of various internet advertising company these days

If you are making up your mind to switch on your industry by spending your funds in an internet advertising company, you would come across quite a few firms with expert line up for betterment of your business. A rationalized approach is taken up by these firms with great creative ideas to accomplish the goal.

1. Pop-Ups

These are the tiny windows or the dialogue boxes which lay open all of a sudden on your display as you go through different websites. At primary stage they appeared to be exceptionally successful means of marketing, however currently they are measured as absolute irritating act. For the most part, the visitors shut them without even going through the content. That’s for the reason that they are a nauseating disturbance. You won’t get hold of a descent enough profit on your venture of marketing dollars in these pop-ups.

2. Pod Casts

If you wish for optimum grades and are ready to shell out, then you may like to think about pod casts. These authoritative accounts, jam-packed with digital data, are transmitted to PCs and iPods and other digital devices. They basically distribute your message to the target viewers. It is better to seek advice of internet advertising company in this matter because if your memorandum is well-organized and accessible, your sales would automatically rise up.

3. Blogging One and all are blogging in recent times. It is plain sailing, just hit upon a pitch of concern and get going with your blog today. For business perspective, blogging is a great tool to communicate with audience in discovering their expectations.

An internet advertising company makes this website so captivating and interesting that individual will keep an eye on it, waiting to witness what’s coming next on the platter. Unsurprisingly, your business ventures describing tour products and services will be discussed on this blog. If a blog turns out to be an interactive session between audience and the businessmen, definite results would come on your side.

In broad-spectrum, booming internet marketing drives are all with reference to embattled schemes and reliable endorsement to attract traffic to them.

Online Advertising With AdSense

Where Not to Put Your Money

Using and finding an online marketing plan that works is not easy. However, if you can wade through all of the list building and joint venture membership sites there are a few that actually work that will not break your bank. The biggest difference between a brick and mortar business and an internet business is a budget. Very few online advertisers give this any thought they just jump into a list building membership, pay their membership fee and find that it takes a lot more work than they are lead to believe. This generally leads to more money spent and sometimes show no inkling of a return on their investments i.e. more loss than gain.

AdSense a Better Investment of Your Time and Money

We see the billboard equivalent advertisements in the form of banners and popup windows with clickable links that drive traffic to the specific websites for the product and services presented. Moreover, the breakthrough that showed the most promise was a program called AdSense designed and implemented by Google. The AdSense advertising program innovated the industry of online advertising by integrating advertisements germane to specific websites that were similar to the products having representation by the banner and text ads. This would appear on the side panels at the top or bottom of a given website.

The biggest drawback of the list building and Joint Venture Memberships is that they sell no actual product or service. They sell systems and as usual not all systems work because at the start they become over populated within months, sometimes even weeks from the release and so no real money can be made using them. It is the same with affiliate programs. The only way to promote them, in a realistic manner is through an AdSense campaign. This targets your audience by putting ads on the side of search pages about similar websites to yours and you earn money through the amount of clicks and of course through selling the actual product or service associated with the affiliate program or your own service or product.

Coupled with an AdWords campaign

AdSense drives higher quality traffic through the keywords specified and congruent with the given product or service presented in the AdSense campaign. Move forward to the year 2014 and the internet, coupled with television make a match unsurpassed by any other combination of media in history. Add social media, which has integrated all forms of media like magazines, News shows, Sitcoms and any other type entertainment. So why not use AdSense to drive quality traffic it is cost effective and easy to put into action.