Mobile Apps are Effective Marketing Tools for Local Bars

In the turn of the new millennium many people already owned and used mobile phones. The phones in use back then were limited to calling and sending simple text messages. That was before the advance of the smart phones. Smart phones are a type of mobile phones which have computer ability or near computer ability. These phones are not only used for making calls and sending text messages, but they perform a number of other tasks. Smart phones can now be used as effective marketing tools. All types of small businesses can benefit by having a mobile app developed specifically for their needs. This article focuses on mobile apps for bars.

Mobile apps for bars are those mobile applications which have been designed to serve the bar and or restaurant niche. The app should be equipped with certain functionality in order to turn it into an effective marketing tool for the business. Some of the functionality should include a coupon management system, mobile ordering, payment processing, a marketing list, and more.

Building loyalty with check-Ins and coupons.
One of the great ways that the mobile app is useful for the bar industry lies in the loyalty coupon system. A loyalty coupon system refers to a method employed by the business to reward the customers based on their loyalty to the business. Every time a custom comes in they can check-in using their mobile device. Each drink or food the customer consumes can also be tracked through the mobile app system. The business owner can decide how and when to reward their customers with a special coupon. For example, they may give away a free drink after five check-ins. The customers are suddenly motivated to come back into the business time and time again. Whats more, every time a customer checks in or unlocks a coupon, theyre prompted to share their experience with their circle of influence via text messaging, email, Facebook and Twitter. Their friends will then receive a request to join the mobile app community, and eventually pull them to the bar or restaurant.

Communicating effectively with customers via push notifications.
Push notification capability is one of the most effective features that a mobile app should have. They are very instrumental in customer marketing. Push notifications are instant messages that are delivered to customers phones and deliver an astounding 97% open rate. The bar may notify their customers of a special event, a special discount or simply invite previous customers to come back with one push of a button.

These are just two of the many features a mobile app can provide. Bars and restaurants would also benefit by enabling mobile ordering and payments, integrating their social accounts including Facebook and Twitter, having a Fan Wall for customer interaction and more. A mobile app will enhance any business marketing efforts.

How Advertising Your Business Online Can Help You Succeed

Online Advertising Details

New business entrepreneurs and website owners lack of funds to put into their internet businesses in relation to promoting and marketing in

It goes without saying that you need to improve your current advertising and marketing endeavours, and the guaranteed method of doing this is via internet advertising. You will note that advertising on the internet is a lot more effective than common advertising. One can find many benefits in internet advertising. Since the costs are unsurprisingly what determine any strategic plan, it’s a substantial advantage. Advertising on the internet is a more affordable solution to lots of typical strategies.

If you choose to invest in Adwords (PPC) advertising plans, you pay only when a person selects your text ad and lands to your website.

Online advertising works rapidly. The day that you get started is the day that it is possible to begin to see results. You will experience no waiting period.

You can appear on specific websites whenever you want, search engines like yahoo, google and msn or social networks for which you need to get exposure from. There are unlimited powerful sites out there that you can find via a simple online investigation on the internet that will enable you post your business information totally free (to begin with) plus backlink to your blog. A lot of them are having the no-follow tag disabled and hold quite a high Google Page Rank.

With web advertising you can have lots and very important data for your use. Online advertising gives you important benefit associated with rendering thorough and complete evaluations which will let you adjust and boost your current marketing promotions to the fullest. You’ll be able to see the way individuals came to your site, from what country they visited your site, exactly what moves they made as soon as they were there and a lot more. You’ll be able to investigate which posts on your website convert optimally and which aren’t really as successful.

A Word Of Caution

If you want your web page to rank good on the search engines you should really acquire other high-quality, relative and authoritative websites in your niche that have a good Page rank, as this will help to increase your visibility and authority of your website if one of these types of websites refers back to you. Research online for few (at least PR3) weblogs and attempt to somehow acquire from their owners a Do-FOLLOW one-way backlink to your website. In the worse situation you can pay for it, several first rate online business proprietors may charge you a small one time payment but it will be definitely worth it. These sites already outperform your strongest competition and see their websites on top Yahoo and google pages positions for your top keywords. .

By following this technique you will pick-up a good volume of search engines Love and link juice.

Obviously, there are a lot of different advantages to online advertising. Most of the times it’s less pricey and it lets you pay attention to your market better. The results are fast and durable, and you will be able to have access to the entire website data you need to ensure you are doing your very best for your business.

Sharon Slams Hayden Anew Over Billboard Ad

Megastar Sharon Cuneta did not mince words on Sunday when she addressed anew an issue involving her controversial Marie France billboard ad. Cuneta noted that it doesnt make sense that Marie France would put up a billboard with her altered photos and risk ruining both their reputations and credibility. She said they are not stupid to do that.

You come out with a billboard like that and then you see this girl on TV shows like The Buzz or Star Power every week, tapos iba yong itsura. Parang ang laki laki ko naman sa Star Power tapos sa billboard sobrang liit ko, sino po bang mag-mumukhang tanga doon, di ba? the megastar said, referring to a singing competition shes currently hosting.

Napakalayo ba ng itsura ko doon sa after picture dito sa nakikita ninyo sa TV?

According to Cuneta, she is picky when it comes to accepting endorsements and that when she endorses a product or service, I have to believe in it. She said she would never deceive the public. She said endorsers are also made to sign something [because] there has to be truth in advertising.

She also pointed out that all her photos were done by noted photographer Raymond Isaac, who is known for his ability and honesty.

Walang dinaya doon. Bakit? Kasi po its a series of billboard na lalabas over the coming several months, yong progress ng weight loss kohanggang you reach the ideal weight para makita na its working and its gradual, she said.

I can assure you, and God is my witness, those pictures are not altered to make me look thinner than I was at that time, she added.

She said she is not surprised that her detractors are making up these controversies. Lets just say, puwedeng competitor, puwede din na isang tao with an ax to grindMahirap magsalita kasi ayokong pumatol sa isang hindi kapatol patol.

Sharon vs Hayden

Cuneta recently lambasted former celebrity doctor Hayden Kho after he allegedly took a swipe at her billboard on Twitter. Kho is the boyfriend of Dr. Vicki Belo, owner of the Belo Medical Clinic. The target of her fury was this statement made by Kho last January 28: Theres a billboard ad in EDSA developed by advertisers who think consumer are stupid. Guess.

The megastar believes that Kho was referring to her controversial Marie France billboard. Kho has already made a denial that he was referring to Cunetas billboard. Kho said Cunetas statement was quite a wounding tirade from someone I respect. Ironic, really. Very ironic.

Despite the denial, Kho is not yet off the hook as far as the megastar is concerned.

On Sunday, Cuneta said she got a piece of information saying that Kho, the central figure in the 2009 sex video scandal, was referring to the billboard of Joel Cruz of Aficionado Perfumes that came out in July 2010. She wondered though why it took Kho 7 months to react to Cruzs billboard.

She also noted Khos timing. She said he made that post when rumors about plans to remove her billboard along EDSA began to circulate. Cuneta also countered, I dont understand. Whats ironic is that he respects me and that I have to treat him like this? I dont treat people in a bad way unlessI know how to protect myself. There are times na kailangang tahimik ka lang pero there are times na you have to stand and fight for yourself.

During the interview, she also brought up the 2009 sex video scandal. Her daughter, KC Concepcion, was dragged into the scandal.

If he respects me so much, bakit nadamay ang anak ko? Cuneta said. I think that time lagi niyang tinetext ang anak ko. I never said anything kasi alam ko ang totooalthough nakakainis ma-associate sa ganoong issue ang isang bata na alam mong pinalaki mo ng ubod ng disente.

She also noted that it was so convenient for Kho not to name the billboard he was referring to, so that later on he could easily issue a denial when confronted.

Nonetheless, she thanked all her detractors because people are now talking about her billboard because of them. Effective na effective ang endorsement. Parang nataranta kayong lahat ng bonggang-bonga.

The Design Of Diesel Clothing

Diesel clothing is created by a top notch design team that is lead by Wilbert Das, who has worked for Diesel clothing since 1988. Wilbert Das began as a designer of the Male, Leather, Kids, and Accessories lines. He quickly became the head of style and creative ideas for Diesel clothing, and in 1993 was officially given the title of Creative Director.

Wilbert Das is responsible for tasks for Diesel clothing like directing all product designs and all advertising and communication campaigns. From new media and merchandising, advertising, retail and interior esign campaigns and planning fashion shows and events, Wilbert Das is simply the Man. Not only that, but he is also behind the development of new brand extensions like furniture, houseware, and automobiles. All aspects of the Diesel clothing style and image fall under Wilbert Das responsibilities.

Recently, Diesel clothing has turned its attention to endorsing young creativity by sponsoring activities in the youth market by sponsoring many projects and events like the Diesel U Music contest and the Diesel Wall artistic program. Diesel clothing is a founding partner of the International Talent Support and has been for many years, and the company also has offered sponsorship and creative contributions to the Viennas Life Ball AIDS charity. Diesel clothing has also been involved in the Sundance Film Festival.

Diesel clothings innovative approach to marketing, under the direction of Wilbert Das, has made the company the first clothing company to market their clothing in video games, and also has a unique approach to fashion shows and events. The clothes that are conceptualized and then put on the runway are fresh, dynamic, and different, which is not only the whole point of Diesel clothing, it is its key to success. The line boasts of specially designed styles of jeans for both men and women, and incorporates all of the famous and exclusive details from the two brands into them.

The fact that Diesel clothing sees the world as a no boundaries macro culture allows it to incorporate many cultural tastes into its clothing. Diesel clothing, ever since it began, has maintained a reputation of not following the fashion trends of the time, but pioneering new looks and taking chances on new ideas. The Diesel Jeans team, under the direction of Wilbert Das, has always designed clothing that speaks to independent people.

Vons Supermarket Radio Advertisements – Awful!


Vons is owned by Safeway Inc., which has an annual revenue of around $40 billion.

Surely they can afford to hire only the best people to create the advertising for its various brands. So I’m sure that’s what they did: hire the very best to create Vons’ radio advertising.

The opening line of your commercial is “the commercial for the commercial.” This is your one opportunity to command the attention of the targeted listener.

So what did the high priced advertising wizards behind Vons’ commercials do to grab the targeted consumer’s attention from the very beginning…

“Spring is in the air.”

That is how they begin the commercial?

With a meaningless cliche that has nothing at all to do with the advertiser and which could have been written by a 13-year kid as part of a class “write a pretend radio commercial” assignment?

But maybe I’m underestimating them. Maybe they cleverly connected ‘Spring’ to ‘Vons’ so powerfully that it all flows together naturally and irresistibly.”

Uh, well…Here’s the connection:

“And the only thing better than warmer weather is knowing that you can always save money at Vons.”

Let’s recap what we’ve learned so far:

1. The second best thing in your life is warm weather.

2. The best thing in your life is…

Your children’s health? Your own health? World peace?

No. The best thing in your life is knowing that you can always save money at Vons.

They begin with a an irrelevant cliche.

They quickly move to a lie by saying: “And the only thing better than warmer weather is knowing that you can always save money at Vons.”

They mention their “everyday low prices.”

They mention their “Vons Club” prices.

They list some of the foods they have on special this week. (And, by the way, how many do you remember…?)

They tout their flu shots.

And then ” before tagging the commercial with a bizarrely juxtaposed disclaimer, they end by…

Advertising a different supermarket chain.

Yes, Safeway owns both Vons and Pavilions. No, that doesn’t mean a commercial for one should be a commercial for the other.

Vons and Pavilions have different names because they are different brands.

Different brands make different promises to the consumer.

Different promises require different messages to communicate them.

By the way, in this hemisphere Summer officially begins June 21. Gosh, I wonder how the Vons commercials will begin then?