Beach Aerial Advertising Gets Attention

The beach is the perfect place to relax and find peace of mind with its gentle breeze and cool waters. Yet, behind those sandy shores and clear waters is where opportunities flock. One hot summer is a good time when people go to the beach, thus giving them the chance to do many things. It is a chance to bring back together a long lost romance or a chance to express and tell people your message. It is where you can think of almost anything in the world. That is the best time for businesses to grab the chance to advertise what they can offer. It is when beach aerial advertising is versatile.

Beach aerial advertising is an eye-catching advertisement that conveys messages of products and services offered of personal thoughts of love, appreciation and apology through a banner up in the air tailed by an airplane. See a regular person on a hot day. With all the hot weather, dry throats and tempting cool waters, many things enter the mind. What if I have some Suntan lotions to give me the perfect tan? Or a freezing ice cream or iced cold cola will quench my thirst. Or some gears to help me enjoy the cold waters? Those are exact needs one person would want in one situation. What more to the rest of the people in that same condition?

A solution is not efficient if not passed on to people in need of it. Therefore, by promoting, people will know what you can give them. An attractive form of advertisement is a good strategy to outshine rivals even with overused and crowded forms of promotions. Beach aerial advertising is a rare advertisement attracting people through aerial messages at one glance. This is among the innovative since people fancy something new and up to date.

Not only does it work in advertisement, beach aerial advertising is a moving way of expressing ones feelings for another. See a man lost for words in telling his woman how much he loved her. Take her to the beach, one of the most romantic places in the world. With those cool breezes, gentle sounds of water splashing and bare feet on sandy shores, the man looks the woman in her eyes with a tiny box in one hand and an airplane with the sweet message of “Will you marry me?” The woman will be dumb folded and say nothing but yes to a great man who took all the effort to impress her with the perfect proposal.

Beach aerial advertising is about promoting your solution to peoples needs or expressing emotions in the most romantic and unique way. It is less expensive than other advertisement media since the cost is between the plane flies and landed. With beach aerial advertising, you get the best at paying less.

Importance Of School And Educational Website

The passion of World Wide Web keep growing and growing these days. Business realizes the benefits of being on the web in the present time. If we want to build and expand our business in world wide then its essential for us to make a good web site, so that people can easily visits our website and came to know about our business and our product and our services.

A website is an online identity of a company or of an individual involved in Internet Marketing. The task associated with the website is to represent a company, sell companys name, attract more visitors, generate more business leads, promote more sale of companys products and services and ultimately, help to gain more return on investment.

In this era of advanced technology, electronic commerce have highly dominated the marketing practice, and due to easy availability and affordability of the Internet, people are running after it and making huge profit at the comfort of their home.

As a serious online business person, what is important for your business is, to prepare a website that is well designed, attractive, easy to navigate, highly usable, good content, full of relevant information, enough functionalities and are capable of retaining visitors for long and make them come back again.

School, college institutions are therefore finding it convenient to go online with the craze of internet surfer. Internet as a mode of promoting and advertising ones brand can prove beneficial.

The advantage one can look for are:

Wider reach
Saves time
Cheaper for advertising than paper-print
Eco- friendly
Increase ones credibility
Upgrades ones standard
Interactive communication

Apart from all those above mentioned factors there are innumerable reasons why one should opt for a professional website for ones institution.

Every institution whether big or small, pre-school kinder garden or primary school, secondary or high school, college or university should have its own website. This not only upgrades ones credibility as an institution but also emancipates ones standard.

Information one could put across:

Institutions profile
Founders and trustee
Institutions vision, mission and value
Charity work and portfolio
Courses available
All this information and inputs are for sure cannot be displayed over print advertising media.

As a serious online business person, what is important for your business is, to prepare a website that is well designed, attractive, easy to navigate, highly usable, good content, full of relevant information, enough functionalities and are capable of retaining visitors for long and make them come back again.

We know, Web is the visual interface and what people look on the Web will be manipulated and interpreted into their mind and perception. So while designing a website, you must be careful about the use of color effects, lights, visual effects, positioning and size of contents and use of search engine friendly technology, so that people must remember your website name first and search you first on the Web.

To achieve all the above mentioned strategies, your website building needs a professional touch from qualified website designers and developers who can put their best acquired knowledge and experience to make a suitable portal that can turn each visitors into potential buyers.

Website can be a good way to showcase your institution brand to people especially parents or guardian. They can anytime, anywhere opt for the information they are seeking.

Advertising Post-testing

The projective techniques are used to overcome the barriers of rationality, logicality and politeness, which often play an important role in case of direct questioning. In direct questioning people often tend to give politically correct answers that are considered right by many. Also they try not to hurt the researcher and thus avoid negative answers. In case of projective techniques, an indirect approach is adopted. Instead of asking questions, the respondents are subjected to different test. These include the associations test, sentence completion test and thematic appreciation test.

Association tests attempts to get an immediate response to a stimulus such to get an immediate responses to a stimulus such as a word or picture by asking the respondent to say the first thing that comes to his mind. Sentence completion tests are an extension of the association test. Here the respondents are given incomplete test use pictures, which are shown to respondents. They are asked to tell stories about the pictures. These descriptions and interpretations are analyzed to find out about their attitudes.
In depth interviewing the respondent is first put at ease by the researcher while he tries to build up a rapport with the respondents. Then the respondents are asked leading or probing questions to bring out his underlying subconscious reaction to the brand or organization advertised. The questions are never structures and the interview is always conducted in a free and cordial manner. The flexibility and freeness brings out many facts. Which usually are hidden beneath the conscious mind of the respondent? Depth interviewing needs to be conducted by highly skilled and trained psychologists to be able to fully explore the attitude of respondents.

One often face the problem of artificiality a while conducting pre-testing. This problem is easily overcome during post-testing. Post-tests attempt to measure the actual effect of real advertisements in real situations. This is a more practical approach to measure the effectiveness of car mat advertisements. Different types are conducted as part of post-testing advertisements.
Whatever the purpose of a car mat advertisement, its first task is to be seen, read, or heard. Every advertisement uses some means or other to get attention and hold it. Here comes the first big hurdle recognition. This is simply a matter of identifying an advertisement that one has seen before. Recognition is a necessary condition for effective advertising. If advertisements cannot pass this hurdle, it will probably not be effective. Recognition tests are usually used for print ads.

While many types of recognition have been designed for the car mats advertisements. The starch recognitions test sends newspaper or magazine to respondents and then sends interviews to conduct the tests. Starch tests usually finds out the recognition rates of various elements of the ads like the visual or illustration, headline, logo, body copy, color, size, shape etc.

Chimney Liner Reviews For The Do It Yourself Installers

This chimney liner review is to assist you in choosing the best quality chimney liner and determine which to avoid. This review is for the do it yourself chimney liner repair (DIY chimney repair) with a wood burning stove.

How can anyone know which chimney liner is best? This chimney liner review looks at three leading brands. All names are the trademarks of the respective companies.

The review is of three basic liners and the three top end liners. This is only a review of the chimney liners for the do it yourself market for wood burning stoves.

Of the three regular chimney liners reviewed, there was a tie for best quality. For DIY home owner installation, there is only one choice. The overall winner is ChimneyLInerDepot.coms FlexKing Pro. This chimney liner review will show why.

The six chimney liners reviewed are:

FlexKing and FlexKing Pro from Chimney Liner Depot

ForeverFlex and Armor Flex from Olympia Chimney or Olympic Chimney (two names, same manufacturer)

HomeSaver Ultra and Homesaver UltraPro from Copperfield

The result of this review is as follow. Of the basic models…

FlexKing uses 316 Ti (0.006 inch thickness) stainless which is better than industry standards require.

ForeverFlex is similar in quality (uses 304 stainless, 0.006 inch thickness) but is lacking for the do it yourself market. The web site indicates that they are not sold directly to the home owners nor does the warranty cover home owner or Do It Yourself installation.

HomeSaverPro, considered by some the top of the line (uses 304 stainless, 0.006 inch thickness), is lacking for the DIY market. The warranty is only for professional installation. The product is not available from manufacturer for DIY installation.

Of the top grade liners…

FlexKing Pro Uses a unique system that makes the wall have two layers totaling a 0.016 thickness. Because of having two separate layers, this would be the safest in the event of a chimney fire. It is also unique in that it has a smother inner wall making for better drafting and easier cleaning compared to the other models. Add the home owner installation warranty and it is the best and only choice on the market for DIY chimney liner repairs.

Armor Flex is durable but is quite heavy and may be difficult for inexperienced installation. The warranty requires professional installation. It is made with .018 stainless in a design that is flexible, with no memory.

HomeSaver UltraPro Uses 316 Ti, o.oo5 inch thickness stainless steel. Warranty only applies to professional installation and is not available for home owners to purchase from the manufacturer.

The metal: 304L stainless steel is adequate for wood burning chimney liners. 316 Ti has titanium alloy making it better for coal and gas. The Ti stands for titanium. It is a superior steel to use.

All three make a similar looking basic chimney liner products. Looks is where the similarity stops however.

Consider the design.

Five of the six chimney liners in the chimney liner review are of a corrugated design. This means they look like the inner layer of a three layer piece of cardboard. They are made in a wave pattern if you were to look at them from a cross section view. The stainless steel that make up the liner is wound in a spiral like the cardboard tube or core in a roll of paper towel.

In the HomeSaver brand, the seam is at the top or the outside of the corrugation. The 6-ply seam is not crimped. This in theory will make unpacking easier. Some users indicated this is not the case.

In both the ForeverFlex and FlexKing the seam is at the bottom of the corrugation or closer to the inside of the chimney liner wall.

ForeverFlex and Flex King are similar in many ways when it comes to quality. Both have a 7-ply crimped seam which exceeds the 6 ply seam of HomeSaver. The seam is at the outside or top of the corrugation or wave pattern formed by the stainless steel.

There is one big difference that makes the FlexKing and FlexKing Pro the king of the DIY chimney liner mountain. It has to do with the warranty.

All three have warranties. ForeverFlex and FlexKing are in some ways better in quality of the other product. Perhaps this is why they both offer a superior warranty.

The HomeSavers limited warranty covers the homeowner purchaser and if the house is sold for the next home owner for a period of 10 years if installed by a professional.

In second place is the ForeverFlex. They offer a forever warranty. This means it is good for you and who ever you sell your house to.

It is the only warranty like this in the industry. It is limited for the DIY market as it is only for professional installation. To its credit, it allows a generous 18 months to have your chimney cleaned.

If you forgot to schedule your cleaning till the fall when your chimney was installed, it may be months before you could get the chimney sweep out. Your mistake could cost you your warranty. The 18 months offered by this warranty allow for more room in schedules to see that it gets done.

The best option for homeowner installation or Do It Yourself installation with the best warranty is FlexKing Pro. It has a forever warranty with one great advantage. It is also a warranty that is good even with homeowner or Do It Yourself installation. This truly is the only one of its kind in the industry as of this writing.

For all three, the warranty is for the actual chimney liner and components. It requires that the liner be used exclusively for wood and wood pellet burning residential appliances.

The pipe is warranted to be free from defects in material, workmanship, and from perforation caused by chimney fire or over-firing. Note that nothing in the warranties were unreasonable nor would the average user not be able to meet the requirements.

The fine print should be noted.

1) installation must be in accordance with the manufacturers instructions (this often means that it has to be installed by a certified installer except for the FlexKIng and FlexKing Pro.)

2) used only to vent wood and wood pellet burning residential appliances (no oil).

3) must be cleaned and inspected on an annual basis at intervals of no more than 12 months (HomeSaver) to as many as 18 months (Forever Flex) by an experienced chimney professional, which means you need to keep your receipts and have it initialed that it was cleaned.

4) corrosive chemicals cannot be used for cleaning. (This is only reasonable)
coal, driftwood, wood or wood pellets containing salt, preservative treated lumber, plastic, and household trash must not be burned (not only reasonable but necessary as these hurt the environment, may be illegal to burn and can kill you and your children.)

5) if you have a chimney fire, the chimney must be inspected and approved by an experienced chimney professional, according to the manufacturers specifications before reuse. (how will a homeowner know what to inspect or look for?)
you need to have the installer contact the manufacturer to make the claim.

6) some required a cap or slate covering be installed. (No chimney should be with out one.)

Next consider the crush test.

The HomeSaver website has pictures of a crush test. They suggest asking your chimney installer to stand on your pipe. Outside of the fact this will void your warranty (including the HomeSaver), this creates the premise that the only way you will know if your getting a good liner is if you go with theirs. Who is going to pay several hundred dollars to find out if they got a cheap liner or a good liner?

There is also a video of the crush test. There is only one little problem with the concept. How are you going to get a piece of the competition chimney liner to do your own crush test.

So. for the sake of this review, here are the results of our testing. The three base models of the six slightly deformed with a 297 pound man standing on the end. Standing in the middle, none of the three suffered any damage. Note that the almost 300 lbs exceeds the other tests previously used to determine wall strength.

Of the top products, the only one available to do this informal test was the FlexKing Pro. It supported the almost 300 pound man standing on the end. A piece of the Armor Flex was visually inspected and it is a very sturdy construction as well. Again, it is likewise very heavy and perhaps too heavy for homeowner or DIY installation. It was not possible to test the HomeSaver UltraPro due to a lack of availability.

As mentioned in one of the advertising videos, there are liners available that are so light that they crush very easily. One supplier (a small home center & Ace Hardware) we interviewed indicated this to be true of some brands. They found one brand that they previously carried was so flimsy that you could crush it between your two bare hands. They no longer carry that brand.

We have not considered any of those chimney liners in this review. We are only looking at three of the what are considered the best brands.

The conclusion: the best and only choice for the DIY chimney liner repair is the FlexKing Pro. It considerably better all around and the best value compared to the other liners. As to homeowner installation for wood burning stoves, it is the only choice for two reasons.

1) the homeowner installation warranty provision

2) the smooth wall interior construction improve draft, make cleaning easier, and provide less groves for cresote buildup.

Have fun with your DIY project and be healthy and save money.

Lesley Mason Is An Exceptional Advertising Expert With Mason Picture Company In Sydney

Advertising is a marketing concept that entails the creation of specific mass media content designed to drive consumer behavior into taking action regarding a particular product or service. Advertising is also defined as one-way marketing of persuasive information syndicated through various mass media communication channels with the purpose of promoting ideas, services, or goods. It is said that being creative without strategy is art while being creative with strategy is called advertising.

Lesley Mason is a seasoned marketing and business management professional with a remarkable experience across all tiers of the video production, advertising, and communications realm. Driven by her passion for marketing, as well as her innate tenacity and intellectual curiosity, she joined The Mason Picture Company in 2011 as General Manager. In her current leadership capacity, Lesley Mason focuses primarily on client and supplier management, along with new business development. With 15 years of marketing experience across research, automotive, and consumer goods, she continues to accrue value-adding expertise and become an established advertising professional. For more information about Lesley Mason, please visit

Prior to her work with the Motion Picture Company, Lesley Mason performed at an extraordinary level in a full suite of roles with Hasbro, a branded play company with a world class portfolio that features Transformers, Monopoly, Play-Doh, and many more. She progressed from her initial role as Marketing Coordinator for the Asia Pacific market to her last core role as Pacific Product Manager responsible for Girls Toys. Lesley Mason launched her career with Valvoline Australia as Marketing Coordinator, a position that allowed her to hone her marketing skills in the challenging automotive industry. Throughout her entire career, she has always exhibited extraordinary commitment to excellence in all aspects of communications, public relations, brand management, and marketing management. For more information about Lesley Mason, please visit

Established in 1994 by Kilner Mason, an award-winning Australian producer and director, the Motion Picture Company provides cost effective campaigns employing a unique blend of video production and creative advertising consultancy. Furthermore, The Mason Picture Company also specializes in comprehensive line of creative writing, development, art direction and media placement services. The company is well known for their complete television production services that cover all aspects of shooting, editing, and imaging. The Mason Picture Company or MPC additionally delivers unsurpassed experience, cost effectiveness, cutting edge equipment, expertise, and excellence proven across a diversity of brand advertising and public information campaigns. To learn more about the Mason Picture Company, please visit

Lesley Mason features an inspiring professional journey revealing a track record of success and achievement. She also fosters a solid academic foundation that enhanced her extraordinary performance in the highly competitive marketing arena. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce in Marketing with the University of Western Sydney and advanced her training with an MBA in Business Administration, Electronic Commerce, and Marketing, which she received from Charles Sturt University. Lesley Mason also maintains professional memberships with relevant groups and associations in her field, such as the Australian Institute of Management and the Film and TV Ruinuns. Furthermore, she earned inclusion into the 2013 Edition of the Stanford Who’s Who Black Book for having demonstrated outstanding achievement in the video production and advertising industry. For more information about Lesley Mason, please visit